JavaScript offers several approaches to converting a number to String:

  1. Number.prototypes toString() method
  2. String() coercion
  3. Template Literals way

Let’s explore each approach

  1. Number.prototypes toString() method To convert a number to a string, wrap the number inside () brackets then call .toString() on it:

console.log((10).toString()) // prints '10'
// this does not work
console.log(1.toString()) // fails
  1. String() coercion

We may directly convert a Number type to a String type by parsing the number to String(number)

const num = String(10)
console.log(num) // prints '10'
  1. Template literals

Template literals evaluate any expression inside ${expression} to a String

const mynum = `${10}`
console.log(typeof mynum) // string


String(num) and toString() method off Number.prototype. offer a cleaner way of converting a number to string in cases where to need to convert a number to string.

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