Object literals in JavaScript are key, value pairs. The value could be:

  • string
  • an object
  • an array
  • a number
  • a function
  • an object literal
  • a set
  • a map

Looping/iterating through an object

An example object:

const user = { 
  name: 'Naftali Murgor',
  age: 29,
  hobbies: ['swimming', 'hiking', 'writing'],
  country: 'Kenya',

To iterate through the properties we use for-property-in-object:

for (const property in user) {
  // prints all "property": "value"
  console.log(`${property}:  ${user[property]}`)
// outputs:
// name:  Naftali Murgor
// age:  29
// hobbies:  swimming, hiking,writing
// country:  Kenya

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