What are the concepts for learning Reactjs or any other modern framework?

Here are the concepts needed when getting started with React.

JavaScript concepts to grasp before learning Reactjs

The following features were introduced in ES2015(ES6) are crucial to grasp before learning any frontend framework:

  1. The const & let keyword keyword
  2. Arrow Functions
  3. for/of
  4. for/in
  5. Map Objects
  6. Set Objects
  7. Template literals
  8. Class keyword - JavaScript does not have real classes but instead has class syntax as “syntactical sugar” over prototype based inheritance Read more about Inheritance and the prototype chain
  9. Promises/async/await
  10. Default parameters
  11. Function Rest Parameters
  12. ES6 Modules
  13. Templates Literals
  14. ES6 Object destructuring

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